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Cory Galloway

Cory Galloway is a Project Manager at MaGrann Associates and is responsible for overseeing the Engineering Design projects from early design through construction. He also leads MaGrann’s efforts in BIM integration working to provide appropriate and advancing strategies towards better deliverables for easier construction.

Cory joined MaGrann’s NJ office in 2012 as a member of the Engineering Design team. While being tasked with mechanical and plumbing design responsibilities for various projects his primary goal was BIM integration into larger scale projects providing MaGrann’s first 3D modeled deliverable. In 2019 Cory took up project management responsibilities for the new construction design team where he provides oversight, tracking, and coordination efforts to the team.

While Cory currently lives and works out of D.C., he enjoys putting time and effort into his off-grid cabin. Spending weekends working with his family on PV arrays, cabin upgrades, and cutting mountain trails.

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