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March 1, 2022

Laila Reilly
Director of Business Development




MaGrann Associates, a leading small business focused on building engineering and sustainability, is expanding to meet the growing demand for firms experienced in the decarbonization and performance optimization of new and existing buildings. Effective March 1, MaGrann Associates has acquired The Levy Partnership sustainability business, a New York City based sustainability consulting firm with recognized expertise in the burgeoning field of  beneficial electrification research and implementation.

​“I was thrilled to hear about the merger of The Levy Partnership and MaGrann Associates. We have had the privilege of working with both organizations and it is easy to see the synergies between them. This is clearly a case where the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts," said Mitchell Forlenza, Senior Vice President, Construction, AvalonBay Communities, Inc.

With the addition of New York City to its offices in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Connecticut and Washington DC, MaGrann now provides local services from Boston, Massachusetts to Northern Virginia.  According to MaGrann President & CEO, Rich Selverian:

“The building industry is ready to rapidly decarbonize and MaGrann is committed to leading that effort with state of the art best practices and exceptional service for our clients. By joining with The Levy Partnership we can now offer a full range of turnkey building performance research, design, certification and implementation services in New York – a city and state fully committed to a carbon neutral future”

MaGrann has been improving the performance of buildings people live in for almost 40 years. The combination of  a mission driven approach and shared commitment to true partnership has proven value for new clients and keeps them coming back, project after project and for the life of their buildings. “We are in it for the long haul” says James Ball, MaGrann’s VP of Business Development, “In addition to deep technical support, customized solutions and free trainings, we strive for exceptional service because we want the companies we work with to thrive, grow and have meaningful impact on the quality of their resident experience.”

MaGrann is unique in offering services across all stages of a building’s development and operation, coupled with a comprehensive understanding of the programs and incentives available for financial and implementation support.  The Levy Partnership Founder, Emanuel Levy adds,

“The merger with MaGrann addressed a critical need and goal for us: finding a partner that shared our vision for improving building energy performance while enabling us to offer a greater array of client services. This partnership creates a major player in the sustainability business focused on the unique needs of the New York metro market.”


A full list of services can be found at, 1-888-MAGRANN or

ABOUT The Levy Partnership

Since its founding in 1983, The Levy Partnership has been a pioneer in the area of building research and technology, working with domestic and foreign firms and both public and private organizations. Our team provides design, research, project management, technical support, and other mission-specific services to companies involved in home building, commercial construction, property management, material and systems development, and market development. From the start, The Levy Partnership has provided a wide spectrum of services to clients, including Federal and State agencies, home builders, other building professionals, commercial developers, utilities and other power suppliers, research groups, and non-profit agencies.

ABOUT MaGrann Associates

For 40 years, MaGrann Associates has been a pioneer in building science, green certifications, and high-performance building systems engineering. We are leaders in the ongoing development of best practices for the design and construction of the buildings where we all live.  We specialize in making multifamily buildings high performing assets. We work with property owners, developers, builders and architects to design, build, maintain, operate and manage their buildings to reduce cost and risk while increasing value and quality.

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