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Sanjana Nagaraj

Green Building Consultant

Favorite Hobby:

Sketching, painting, Dance

Currently Watching


Bengaluru, India

Energy Conservation Measure Recommendation

Utilize locally sourced and suitable materials for the building's thermal envelope, aligning the building's massing with the climatic zone, and fully electrifying all systems

More About Sanjana

As a Green Building Consultant, Sanjana works on third-party certification processes, which include tasks like building energy modeling, documentation, and advising project teams on sustainable strategies for achieving certification under programs like LEED, Passive House, and EGC green programs.

Favorite Part of the Job: My preferred aspect of my job involves engaging with clients, guiding them towards attaining the necessary requirements for green certifications. Witnessing a project materialize and recognizing that it contributes to creating a more environmentally responsible built environment is immensely gratifying to me.

Sanjana has an M.S. in Sustainable Design from Carnegie Mellon University. She is certified with LEED AP BD+C and PHIUS CPHC.

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