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Kimberly Pelosi

Program and Policy Engagement Manager

Number of Pets: 

Two cats- George and Jerry

Nerdy Thing About Myself

Currently Reading:

The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson

Energy Conservation Measure Recommendation

Upgrading a building envelope

More About Kimberly

As Program and Policy Engagement Manager of MaGrann Associates, Kim helps the Company track and implement utility, state, federal and local incentive programs and energy policies. She also supports advocacy initiatives as they relate to MaGrann’s strategic planning.  

Favorite Part of the Job: I enjoy that I learn something new just about everyday, whether it's related to building science, the nuances of utility EE programs or the way that policy is shaping this industry. I am constantly having aha moments.

Kimberly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Rutgers University. 

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