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Engineered Solutions Program



With MaGrann Associates, residential communities and MUSH sector properties have a partner in navigating the path to energy efficiency and reducing energy costs up to 30% or more. For eligible PSE&G, New Jersey Natural Gas, South Jersey Gas or Elizabethtown Gas customers in NJ, financial incentives are available to cover 30-70% of project costs with interest-free, on-bill financing offered on the balance over five years.


*Municipal, University, Schools & Healthcare

Comprehensive energy efficiency solutions increase control over energy costs, so operations are leaner and greener with benefits that can be seen right away – and pay dividends over the long term, including:
Enhanced health and safety with improved indoor air quality and better lighting
Improved comfort with updated or optimized heating and cooling equipment
Increased property value and profitability by boosting NOI
Reduced operating and maintenance costs
Improved tenant retention and attraction
Enhanced employee retention and productivity
Earned industry recognition with increased rankings
Industry Highlights
  • By 2050, it is estimated that more than one fifth of the population in the United States will be 65 years or older, compared to 15.6 percent today.
Where are communities using the most energy?
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Financial incentives may be available to cover up to 70% of your total project cost.
The MaGrann team will help to develop comprehensive retrofit plans to meet each facility’s specific needs and priorities. Improvements may include the installation of efficient heating and hot water systems and controls, lighting, insulation, appliances and more.
Through energy assessments, integrated design and efficiency consulting, the MaGrann team will provide technical insight and administration throughout the life of the project as well as for a year post install to ensure savings are realized and energy-efficient operations are maintained.
Financial incentives may be available to cover up to 70% of your total project cost, including 0% on-bill financing for five years (10-year term available for NJHFMA projects). Comprehensive energy retrofits can offset project costs necessary to reduce energy usage, providing owners financial flexibility to implement whole-building improvements for the comfort, health and safety of residents and staff.

How Do Engineered Solutions Work?

MaGrann Associates has an effective method for achieving successful outcomes for the retrofits of existing buildings. Click here to download the MaGrann Method infographic to learn more about how the MaGrann team will support a project every step of the way.


1. Application and energy usage history review (utility bill analysis); Requires availability of 12-36 months of energy and water usage information.
2. Free on-site energy assessment – No obligation!

3. Review & Approval of proposed energy efficiency upgrades by Owner and Utility.



1. Design/ Engineering and bid-ready document support 

2. Project goes to bid, Owner selects and contracts directly with contractor / Engineering and bid-ready document support


Design Blue.png


1. Construction begins

2. Program provides phased payments to cover cost of Project

3. 30% at start – execution of all documents

4. Multiple payments commensurate with progress

5. Final 20% at project close out

6. Permanent “buy down” incentive offsets the cost of energy efficiency upgrades

7. Program provided Construction Administration with on-site inspections to ensure compliance with program requirements


Project Completion

1. Commissioning (Cx) to verify that measures are operating properly 

2. Measurement and Verification to track savings and provide ongoing Cx over first year post install 

3. On-bill financing; 0% for 5 years (10-year term for NJHMFA financed projects) 

4. On-site management training and resident education


Funds are limited and applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis. Not all properties will be viable candidates for this program, but if your portfolio includes properties served by PSE&G, New Jersey Natural, South Jersey Gas or Elizabethtown Gas territory with 50+ units and central systems for HVAC and domestic hot water that are 15 years or older, you could be a great candidate.
Interested in learning more? Contact our team and we'll make a quick initial determination of eligibility and discuss next steps.

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Saving with MaGrann and PSE&G
Pleasantview Gardens
At Pleasantview Gardens, in Piscataway, NJ, MaGrann provided:
  • High-efficiency boilers, modulating pumps and a web-based control system for space heating
  • High-efficiency boilers and tanks and low flow showerheads and aerators for domestic hot water
  • Spray foam insulation in crawlspaces
  • New interior and exterior LED Lighting and new LED lamps in the apartment units
Project Stats icon.png

Project Stats

Annual Electric Savings:

Annual Gas Savings:

PSE&G Incentive Total:
$1.4 million
45% of total project cost

Simple Payback After Incentive:
4.9 years

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