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Losing Money With Utility Allowance?


MaGrann Associates can give you an accurate, hassle-free answer.


Using an Energy Consumption Model, you’ll know what your current utility allowance (UA) really should be. If your UA hasn’t kept pace with changes that would affect it, such as energy-efficiency improvements or rate changes, you could be losing money – every month. Instead of just using the provided UA numbers, let MaGrann help you with third-party documentation based on an Energy Consumption Model.



  • Maintain compliance with regulations

  • Stabilize income by using current allowances

  • Increase paybacks from modernization, weatherization and energy-efficiency investments

  • Protect against volatile utility costs

  • Encourage tenants to conserve energy


Time to review your utility allowance? Then it’s time for MaGrann!

New utility allowance rates are so high they can impair our ability to increase rents. Rather than trying the cumbersome, time-consuming task of analyzing them in-house, we turned to MaGrann Associates. HMFA approved the allowance decreases MaGrann calculated! Thanks for the great job!

Marty Josephs, Ingerman Management Company

New Jersey

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