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It’s a safe assumption that 2022 will continue to challenge the housing industry. As professionals in our sector we know that evolving energy codes, new building performance policies, supply chain issues, and public health concerns will drive a transformation in the ways we design, build, and operate the places that people call home. Whether it’s net zero energy codes, affordable housing QAP requirements, or delivering healthy, efficient and climate resilient places to live, MaGrann Associates is here to help you achieve your goals!

We’ve been spending time thinking about our core values as we grow our company to meet your needs – and how we do our part to advance the societal imperatives of equitable, affordable and sustainable housing. While “Making Building Better” is still what MaGrann does every day, we are excited to announce a new maxim to capture “what makes us proud to be MaGrann.” This is about who we are, why our clients come back to us year after year, and what makes our diverse team of professionals wake up each day to a company that they love:


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Understanding how buildings perform is in our DNA. We understand it holistically – from the underlying building science, to the opportunities presented by new technologies, to how real people interact with their homes and systems. We see performance in both the ownership and the resident experience, in buildings that work to create an improved quality of living.  We put the substance behind performance, by helping you make pragmatic, impactful decisions.


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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." This quote by Helen Keller captures the spirit of partnership and our collaborative mindset here at MaGrann. We are humbled by the depth of the relationships we have with our clients, our subcontractors and our advocacy partners. We appreciate the shared values, and commitment to industry leadership and best practices.


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Our mission driven approach is part of what keeps our clients coming back, project after project. Every day, we are consulting, analyzing, modeling, designing, deploying, testing and measuring, with the goal of improving the performance and lived experience of the built environment.  We do it all while tracking our combined contribution to carbon reduction, sustainability and other key metrics.

We look forward to continuing our journey together.  Tell us what Performance, Partnership and Purpose means to you, and how we can help you reach your goals.

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