Showing the World of Green Building to a High School Student

Amelia Krajsa

I am a Technical Consultant here at MaGrann and I had the privilege of showing High School student Keren Gliksman around the office for a few weeks in May.

Keren joined MaGrann Associates as part of her High School Senior APEX project. The project allows graduating seniors to get real life experiences as they start thinking about their futures. Keren will be attending The University of Arizona College of Engineering in the fall. While she was looking at the majors they offer, she was intrigued by Environmental Engineering. Keren’s curiosity led her to reach out to VP Ben Adams and they decided it would be mutually beneficial for her to complete her project with MaGrann Associates.

I could not have asked for a more engaged and inquisitive student to introduce to MaGrann and our work. From my first phone call with Keren, it was clear that she was excited to learn anything and everything about the green building world. She expressed interest in both the technical and sales side of MaGrann, so for her to get the most out of her experience I wanted to expose her to all the branches of the company.

Although she gained insightful and different perspectives from everyone she talked to, two experiences stood out to her the most. In one of her field days with Technical Consultant Doug Deal, they unfortunately had to fail a unit. Although we want all the units we test to pass, Keren felt that by seeing a failed unit she was able to better connect what she learned in the office and her readings to the building itself. It allowed her to ask more questions – Why did it fail? What do the builders need to fix in order to be certified? She also learned that she might not be cut out for the physical nature of field work and would probably prefer a desk job in her future!

After realizing her future is likely not to be out in the field (some of that equipment is heavy! And high up!), she was excited to be able to spend the day with one of our Client Relation Managers, Laila Reilly. Hoping to pursue her MBA along with her engineering degree, Keren jumped at the opportunity to pick Laila’s brain as a sales person working in a technical industry.

On her last day with us, Keren was able to present her APEX presentation to some key members of the MaGrann management team. She was able to get feedback and advice on her presentation, while we got an insight into what she took away from her experience here.

Keren came in to this project knowing very little about green building and based on her presentation, left with a more thorough understanding than we could have hoped for. We wish Keren good luck and hope she stays in contact as she begins her engineering career!

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