Over 15 Years of RESNET Service

At the RESNET national conference last month it was all I could do to keep quiet! For the first time in 15 years I sat through the annual Sunday afternoon Board meeting stifling my urge to respond to each vote with a “yay” (or a “nay”!) – because this year I opted not to put myself forward for re-election and instead chose “retirement” (hardly early) in favor of some new blood – and the new ideas and thinking some fresh faces will surely bring.

Left to right: Roy Honican, RESNET Board President | Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates Vice President | Steve Baden RESNET Executive Director

Plaque reads: In recognition of your outstanding service and leadership 1998-2016

We have come a long way from our first, more “intimate” conferences at the facilities of the Florida Solar Energy Center and the heady days of early bylaws drafting for RESNET’s incorporation. Today, RESNET represents an industry of 120 Accredited Rating Providers and some 2,000 certified HERS raters and Field Inspectors across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, as well as a growing network of supporting and affiliated industries.

HERS ratings and the HERS index have become integral components of national labeling programs such as EPA’s ENERGY STAR and DOE’s Zero Energy Ready, third party programs such as LEED and Enterprise Green Communities, utility incentive programs, federal energy tax credits, and most recently as a path to energy code compliance.

Today RESNET continues to work towards important goals, including greater consistency in the delivery of ratings, software enhancements to drive accuracy in data capture and modeling, standards updates to refine protocols as building practices and technologies evolve, increased collaboration with industry stakeholders and advocates, and continual improvement in responsiveness to members in terms of costs, services and governance.

While I’m proud of my small contribution to the foundation on which these efforts are based – specifically in the areas of Quality Assurance and standards development – there remains much work to be done. This couldn’t be more true given the emerging realities of an upended political environment and its daily attacks on the energy efficiency, climate and sustainability mission that our work embraces. If ever there was a time to come together in support of the benefits of the home performance industry at large – lower energy costs, safer and more comfortable homes and local jobs, this is it.

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