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MaGrann Associates has completed 131 comprehensive multifamily audits representing over 22,250 living units. In the 90 retrofit projects that have resulted from these energy audits, MaGrann Associates has provided engineering design and oversight for 45 of them. In most of these projects, the work has been comprehensive, including replacement of central heating and cooling equipment, improvements to controls, thermostats and delivery systems. Nearly every project has included substantial lighting efficiency improvements in both common areas and living units. 

In the many garden apartment projects, the retrofit scope also included air sealing and added insulation in attics and crawl spaces. In the mid and high-rise projects, ventilation issues were usually addressed. 

It is typical for retrofit projects that MaGrann sees from start to finish to achieve 30 – 40% natural gas savings and 10 – 20% electric savings. We believe that these savings far exceed those of projects where there is no consistency of oversight by a single entity. In projects where MaGrann’s role was limited to only energy audit services, we have been made aware that post-construction savings are approximately ½ of those that we see in projects that include full MaGrann services.

  • Retrofit engineering - MaGrann typically prepares full bid documents including design drawings, project manuals and bidding requirements and can collect, assess and collate bids on behalf of building owners.  We can prepare AIA format construction contracts to make sure that building owners are assured of tight, comprehensive scopes of work with terms that cover all pertinent circumstances.

    • Mechanical Design, Lighting, etc.

    • Equipment Specification

  • Construction Phase Administration & Commissioning - Most critical to the retrofit project is providing the continual oversight both during and after the construction process to ensure that improvements are installed with maximum quality and that energy efficient equipment is programmed and calibrated in a manner that maximizes performance and savings.  Even great equipment and skilled contractors benefit from proper commissioning services.

    • Bid Management

    • Construction Administration (CA)

    • Commissioning (Cx)

  • Measurement & Verification - It critical to measure post-construction performance during all seasons.  MaGrann provides those measurement and verification services and works with building maintenance staff to train them to understand and operate new equipment properly.

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