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MaGrann Associates provides commissioning services for both new and existing buildings. Retro-commissioning (RCx) applies the commissioning process, tools, and technologies to buildings that were not commissioned when first built.

RCx makes use of existing equipment and poses the question – How can we get the best performance from the equipment you have in place? RCx is primarily focused on low-cost, typically maintenance-related items and attempts to optimize the performance of existing systems.

Retro-commissioning Opportunities Include:

  • HVAC Controls

    • Sensor calibration problems

    • Incorrect Temperature/Humidity set points

    • Improper ventilation controls

    • No setbacks

  • Improperly applied Schedules

  • Peak Demand Load penalties

  • Load distribution – balancing electrical load across equipment.

  • HVAC load balancing - Testing and Balance of both Air and Hydronic flow

  • Improperly sized equipment

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling

  • Continuous (wasted) pumping energy.


RCx utilizes a whole building approach which delivers energy as well as non-energy benefits.

If you believe that your facility can benefit from our services, contact us today!

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