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LEED Gold Housing at Princeton University


December 20, 2017

Other significant green features include an extensive tree preservation plan (expertly developed by Van Note Harvey and executed by Hunter Roberts), the recycling of construction waste, as well as rainwater management strategies to prevent this development from contributing stormwater to the municipal system. As part of the LEED certification process, MaGrann advised and processed most of the applications for incentives through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program.

Read more about Stanworth Commons here.

Princeton University has partnered with American Campus Communities to develop Stanworth Commons: 326 units of new housing just off-campus for graduate students and faculty of Princeton University.

Phase I included apartment buildings along with the townhomes on previously developed land that was converted to housing. Phase II utilized the existing foundations of previous housing in need of rehabilitation. All the homes in the project are now LEED Gold Certified and feature high efficiency HVAC paired with ventilation systems to promote a healthy indoor environment. MaGrann Associates verified the performance of the HVAC and building envelope of these units to confirm that they will meet the performance targets established by the team during design. Key green features are also included, like low VOC materials, efficient plumbing fixtures, and pedestrian walkways to provide easy access to the many amenities of downtown Princeton.

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