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AEP Ohio EfficiencyCrafted Homes by MaGrann Associates

Another Successful Year - 2017 in Review


December 13, 2017

AEP Ohio EfficiencyCrafted Homes is a MaGrann-designed and administered program which encourages builders to deliver higher performing homes through lower HERS scores and ENERGY STAR participation. The program has exceeded its 2017 goals by incentivizing nearly 1,800 units, resulting in over 5,000 MWh and 2.5 MW of estimated annual savings for AEP Ohio and the future occupants of these homes. This is the equivalent of saving the CO2 emissions from more than 400,000 gallons of gasoline or switching 120,000 incandescent lamps to LEDs each year.


EfficiencyCrafted Homes has been actively promoting participating builders' and raters' through the development of consumer-facing flyers (examples pictured below) and other marketing to increase homebuyer awareness. The program has also focused on simplifying the registration process for participants by reducing the number of forms required and other time-saving practices. The new process has been well-received by both builders and energy raters, eliminating approximately 80% of the paperwork needed to complete registration.

Read more about the program here

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