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MaGrann Associates uses an integrated design approach which includes upfront consulting, ongoing communication and field verification. In keeping with our mission, MaGrann specializes in the design of high performance buildings - particularly in conjunction with LEED, ENERGY STAR, Passive House, and other certified building programs.  


Team communication is vital throughout all stages of the design process to ensure that project goals are achieved, including those associated with energy efficiency and code and program compliance. Our experienced team of engineers works closely with the other design professionals, owners, developers and contractors to ensure that MEP systems are properly coordinated and installed.   Early identification of potential conflicts allows for cost effective resolution and ensures the comfort and satisfaction of future occupants.

Our Engineering Design Services Include:

HVAC System Design: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design that includes system sizing (Manual J/S), duct sizing and distribution layout (Manual D) that works with your architectural and structural designs for optimal performance and efficiency. Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings show plan views of system layout, supplemental venting, and installation specifications. Information produced from these drawings helps eliminate ambiguity and guesswork.
Electrical Design: System design that includes plan views of residential and commercial spaces, single line-riser diagrams, alarm notification systems, load calculations and installation specifications.
Plumbing Design: Domestic water, natural gas, sanitary, sewer/storm systems – including riser diagrams, piping sizing, plan views of system layouts and installation specifications.
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