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On behalf of the MaGrann Associates partners, leadership team and staff, it is with a heavy heart that we announce Mark’s passing. With much pride, we reflect on his impact and accomplishments.

On a personal level, as for many of us who got our start in this industry at MaGrann, Mark was like a big brother.  He welcomed us to the MaGrann Associates family, taught us the business, encouraged our ideas and entrusted us to continue the company’s journey.  And of course he was never short of words of advice or a helping hand!

A pioneer in the industry, Mark had the vision to create a company that is nationally recognized and has been influential in advancing the energy efficiency industry for more than 35 years.

He also had the forethought to begin a transition plan of ownership and operation of the firm 10 years ago, and while that transition was completed in 2015, Mark remained active in the company, despite health challenges, enjoying a semi-retired life traveling and being with friends and family.

Mark worked hard, played hard and enjoyed life.  He told me not long ago that he was lucky to have done all he wanted to do – no regrets.

Mark will be sorely missed by me and all his MaGrann Associates family.  May he rest peacefully.

Rich Selverian

President & CEO

Mark founded MaGrann Associates in 1982 out of his log cabin in Medford Lakes, New Jersey. He was driven by a need to improve the energy and comfort performance of the homes people live in. He worked tirelessly to build his business and advocate for energy efficiency and building science, still only emerging concepts at the time. Mark drew on his experiences in construction, insulation, homebuilding and remodeling and tied them together with solid engineering to grow MaGrann Associates into the company it is today.


Mark was a visible and vocal presence in New Jersey’s state and utility sponsored efficiency programs, and a driving force behind the development of those elements focused on residential new construction.  A strong advocate for technical standards, he was an active supporter of the Home Energy Rating System (HERS), served on the board of the Northeast HERS Alliance, and was involved in numerous national and regional green building initiatives.  He remained active with numerous advocacy organizations, trade groups, professional associations and government agencies.  In 2017 the Builders League of South Jersey awarded him the Joseph S. Van Osten Lifetime Achievement Award for his many years of service to the organization.  Mark also served with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Advisory Councils on energy codes and related issues, was a judge for NAHB Research Center’s Energy Value in Housing Awards, a trainer for the NAHB University of Housing and a chairperson of the Technical Committee of the Insulation Contractors of America Association.

Join us in sharing your thoughts or favorite memory of Mark below.

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