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LEED Certification

The step-by-step process included in a
LEED for Homes certification:


  • Introductory Training

  • Preliminary Rating

  • Orientation Meeting

  • Pre-Drywall Inspection

  • Final Inspection & Testing

  • Documentation & Initial Review

  • Final Review Conference Call with the USGBC

  • Certification


We also offer additional training for various aspects of the LEED for Homes construction process as well as technical support for resolving construction or performance challenges as they occur.

MaGrann Associates has certified over 10,000 LEED for Homes. Our experts are dedicated to providing support for your green building project from conception to certification. We will help you understand and evaluate design options and cost implications specific to your project for each of the various levels of certification. We will work with you to meet your objectives for performance and differentiation in the residential housing market. 
We provide the following LEED rating systems:
  • LEED for Homes

  • LEED Multifamily Midrise

  • LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC)

MaGrann LEED Certifications to-date: 10,420

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