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Gabriella Arata

Energy Engineer

Favorite Hobby:

Rock climbing, snow and water skiing, playing field hockey

Favorite Podcast

Last Trip

Drove up to Montreal Canada to go to Osheaga Music Festival

Energy Conservation Measure Recommendation

Upgrading from natural gas boilers to electric heat pumps.

More About Gabriella

As an Energy Engineer, Gabriella works with the existing buildings team doing ASHREA Level I, II, III Audits for the New Jersey team and Integrated Physical Needs Assessments (IPNAs) for the New York team. These require utility usage analysis, savings calculations, and reporting on the energy conservation measures we recommend.

Favorite Part of the Job: Getting to go into the field to visit the buildings we are working on. 

Gabriella has a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Sustainability Mangement and Climate Risk Management from American University  She also holds an MS from American in Sustainability Management.

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