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Building off our years of experience in providing energy efficiency retrofit upgrades to multifamily buildings as part of publicly or utility funded programs, we are offering a similar service to all multifamily property owners. The service helps owners improve net operating income and provides a funding source for capital improvements through key utility conservation measures. Property values are increased and wasted utilities are turned into revenue streams with the eGUARANTEE™.

1. Preliminary Assessment Report

We start with a free utility bill analysis, interview and physical inspection of your multifamily property to develop your Opportunity Assessment Report. This identifies potential energy and water savings you may be able to achieve.


2. Whole Building Retrofit Analysis

If the preliminary assessment reveals substantial savings opportunities, MaGrann Associates will perform an in-depth eGUARANTEE Whole Building Retrofit Analysis. This investment-grade analysis will describe in detail one or more packages of energy and water saving measures, plus all costs and savings for each.


3. Turnkey Design, Specifications and Construction Management

Once you decide which measure(s) to implement, MaGrann Associates will coordinate and manage the project on your behalf – from design to completion, plus post-project monitoring.


4. Financing through SEF and TRF

We’ll help you take advantage of available financing from one of the region’s most experienced energy efficiency lenders – the Sustainable Energy Fund (SEF) or The Reinvestment Fund (TRF).


5. Guaranteed Savings

Your Energy Retrofit Project Agreement guarantees that for the first two years after project completion, if your actual annual energy and/or water savings do not exceed project financing costs, MaGrann Associates will pay you the difference!

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