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Building Diagnostics or Energy Consultin
MaGrann Associates' diagnostic services provide a detailed evaluation of building and mechanical system performance to help you assess and address potential issues. Our state-of-the-art equipment and “whole house” building science expertise allows us to focus on occupant comfort, mechanical system efficiency, indoor environment and durability solutions.
Our Diagnostic Services Include:

Thermographic Envelope Testing: Infrared testing offers a non-invasive look at insulation effectiveness and air infiltration. This helps clients identify problem areas or maintain ongoing quality control.


HVAC Performance Testing: Our comprehensive performance testing capabilities evaluate system airflow and pressure, duct leakage and room-by-room distribution to identify problems and maximize efficiency and performance.


Air Infiltration and Whole-House Testing: Using “Blower Door” testing, we can measure the tightness of the building envelope and identify air-sealing opportunities. Zonal pressure testing helps identify issues related to specific areas of the home. By performing a combination of tests, we can paint a total picture of a building’s comfort and performance profile.

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