Over 15 Years of RESNET Service

At the RESNET national conference last month it was all I could do to keep quiet! For the first time in 15 years I sat through the annual Sunday afternoon Board meeting stifling my urge to respond to each vote with a “yay” (or a “nay”!) – because this year I opted not to put myself forward for re-election and instead chose “retirement” (hardly early) in favor of some new blood – and the new ideas and thinking some fresh faces will surely bring. Left to right: Roy Honican, RESNET Board President | Ben Adams, MaGrann Associates Vice President | Steve Baden RESNET Executive Director Plaque reads: In recognition of your outstanding service and leadership 1998-2016 We have come a long way from

The Life of a Building

Buildings tend to look like they've always been where they are. They appear static, solid, and stuck in one place. But buildings and the parts they are made of do not stay in one place and in fact take journeys across many places and phases, much like living things. The ingredients of buildings are born in nature - natural resources which humans extract. We extract them with massive machines that tear apart the earth in order to have the basic building blocks of our industrial society – iron, concrete, and fossil fuels. That extraction process causes over 80 percent of man-made environmental damages. These materials are then manufactured into their useful form by consuming more resources tak

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