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Smart Thermostats in Multifamily

December 20, 2018

MaGrann Associates recently completed the installation phase of an ambitious pilot for Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) in New Jersey designed to investigate the energy savings potential, as well as the resident and building manager experience, associated with smart thermostats in lower income multifamily buildings. Together with our installation partner, GreenLife Energy Services and connectivity partner, STRATIS IoT, thermostat retrofits were completed in almost 950 units in 16 low and mid-rise multifamily projects. The pilot is now entering its process and impact evaluation phase led by APPRISE Inc. of Princeton, NJ. 


“We have already learned so much from the recruitment, installation and education elements of this initiative,” said Ben Adams, MaGrann’s program design lead. “The diversity of building types, thermostat technologies and connectivity solutions has yielded a wealth of insights into the deployment of this emerging technology for multifamily building owners and residents.” 

Ben Adams 2018 Casual Final.jpg

“PSE&G and MaGrann Associates have a long history of working together to help make multifamily buildings more energy efficient, comfortable and convenient for residents,” said PSE&G program manager Rachael Fredericks. “With the help of MaGrann’s implementation strategy and technical expertise, our multifamily smart thermostat pilot program has been very successful and we are looking forward to starting the next phase of the project in 2019.”


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