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MaGrann Associates Commends PSE&G’s

Clean Energy Future Proposal to Advance Energy Efficiency in New Jersey

September 27, 2018

For more than 35 years, MaGrann Associates has focused on bringing applied building science to the residential housing market helping builders, developers and designers produce higher performing, energy efficient homes.


As a long-time proponent of energy efficiency efforts and public policy in New Jersey, MaGrann Associates commends PSE&G for today’s Clean Energy Future proposal which has the potential to greatly advance energy efficiency in the state.


For the past several years, MaGrann Associates has been deeply involved in the PSE&G Multifamily Efficiency Program that has helped make almost 20,000 apartments in 800 buildings more energy efficient.   Most recently, we have been involved with PSE&G in a pilot program to install more than 800 smart thermostats in lower-income multifamily buildings to better understand how the devices can be used these dwellings.


Through this work with PSE&G, MaGrann Associates has witnessed the powerful, beneficial impact that energy efficiency programs can have on energy savings as well as their ability to make multifamily homes safer, more convenient and more comfortable for the people who live in them.


PSE&G’s Clean Energy Future proposal calls for $2.8 billion in spending to vastly increase the number of energy efficiency programs that the utility can offer.  MaGrann Associates looks forward to partnering with PSE&G to help fulfill their ambitious energy efficiency plans and to continuing our work to help make New Jersey a more energy efficient state.

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