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A New Era for MaGrann's Support of the Energy Efficiency Alliance

February 16, 2021

MaGrann President & CEO Rich Selverian is stepping down as a board member of the Energy Efficiency Alliance (EEA) after more than 10 years. He has served as the President of the Board for the past 7 years.


EEA (formerly KEEA; Keystone Energy Efficiency Alliance) began as a group of like-minded companies joining together to further energy efficiency in Pennsylvania. It has evolved into a network of state-based affiliates with dedicated staff and an active board. Now well-regarded as a premier organization advocating for energy efficiency policy, MaGrann Associates has been a proud contributing member since its inception.

Rich at KEEA.jpg

“It has been an honor to serve with such dedicated Board members and staff for the last 10 years to lead policy direction for our industry and spur economic growth while addressing the serious challenges of climate change,” said Rich.


EEA Executive Director Matt Elliot said, "On behalf of the entire team at the Energy Efficiency Alliance, we are deeply grateful to Rich for his many years of service as president of our Board of Directors. During Rich's time on the EEA board, our organization has grown by leaps and bounds year over year, growing our membership, our staff, our funding base, and our reputation as a true policy-change powerhouse in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. On a personal note, I've relied on Rich as a trusted and thoughtful mentor throughout my tenure as Executive Director.  I've admired his steady hand and thoughtful insights on a nearly weekly basis for the past six years.  EEA would not be the organization it is - and I wouldn't be the leader I am - without Rich's guidance and leadership.  We will certainly miss him, but know he won't be far, and will remain a friend of EEA for years to come.  Thank you, Rich!"


As Rich steps down, MaGrann Vice President of Program and Strategic Development Ben Adams has been elected, returning to the role after 10 years.

Learn more about EEA here.

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