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Your Goals = Our Services

January 7, 2019

The beauty of working with a company like MaGrann is that we have the agility to constantly customize our offerings to our client’s goals. 2018 was a big year for MaGrann in bringing on new services to our menu of options for our clients. A summary of these cost effective, high quality offerings are listed below. Contact your MaGrann CRM today to learn more about how these services can help you achieve your project goals.

Benchmarking: Benchmarking is the answer to the question: How well is my building performing? For programs like Enterprise Green Communities and cities like New York this is a requirement for many projects. For all projects it is a low cost and effective way to monitor your building’s monthly utility consumption. We can help you with software solutions to this otherwise manual task but the greatest benefit we offer is to analyze your utility data for trends, outliers, and identify opportunities for utility cost savings.


Manuals: We have heard this excuse too many times: Our building worked fine until the occupants messed it up! Dealing with occupant behavior is complex but a Resident Manual is the first line of offense in helping your occupants work with you and your property manager to keep your building performing well. In addition to resident manuals we also offer Operations and Maintenance Manuals for your property manager, we will even train them on the systems when the building is turned over.


Commissioning: Commissioning is a big word that covers many scopes of work: At MaGrann we are happy to offer them all as you need them. From basic commissioning of central HVAC systems to enhanced commissioning of multiple systems we will customize our services to your compliance needs or quality assurance concerns. At the end of the project, whatever scope of commissioning you choose, our goal is to make sure your building performs as it should.

2018 Code: Energy code requirements have come a long way, making today’s codes as stringent as the above-code programs of yesterday. MaGrann is excited to support Philadelphia in their adoption of the 2018 codes. We have been working with Green Building United, the BIA of Philadelphia, and L&I to help ensure that the industry can make a smooth and successful transition to these new requirements. For a free in-house training on these new codes contact us today.

Lifecycle Performance: The days of green building designs that quickly turn brown during operation are over. The days of lifecycle performance services are here, and MaGrann is proud to be innovating this new paradigm. Lifecycle Performance services are how we make buildings improve over time. It is how we help make assets appreciate in value, rather than depreciate. If this concept seems fresh and exciting to you, give us a call to learn about how we are offering services that achieve these goals.

What new services are you looking for this year? We always appreciate hearing from our clients on ways that we can expand our offerings to support your needs. Send us an email or give as a call anytime to learn more about some of the even newer offerings that we are starting to work on – such as smart technologies for affordable multifamily properties.

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